Is the BNP’s Lee Barnes losing the plot?

October 26, 2007

Before you read on, you need to know that there’s an awful lot of swearing in this article. Not from us but from Lee Barnes, the British National Party’s legal beagle who seems, at the very least, to have severe anger-management issues.

Barnes’ blog, entitled ’21st Century British Nationalism’, is illustrated with an image of the Celtic god of light, Belenus. Belenus can be identified with the Irish god Bile, and the word bile pretty much sums up a large part of the content of Barnes’ blog, which seems to be one of the many vehicles the BNP is currently using to disseminate its impotent fury at well, pretty much everyone and everything really.

A recent post on the blog deals with the closure of the New Nationalist Party (NNP), the group formed around a nucleus of angry BNP ex-pats which decided to give up the ghost a couple of weeks back. This group was led by former would-be BNP councillor Sharon Ebanks who, if you feel you really need to, can be read about here.

Although Barnes isn’t actually a member of the BNP, he certainly has taken to using the terminology currently in vogue on the far-right, describing the NNP variously as uniform fetishists, saps and muppets. His major burst of vitriol though, is reserved largely for Ebanks herself, who he calls a ‘demented harridan’ and who he takes to task several times for her apparent crime (and he should know, or so he says) of being mixed race.

‘It is one of the great ironies of history that the last gasp of the old extremist far right was under the leadership of a half black female leader.’

That statement might not actually be racist but it certainly reads like it.

A few days later, he had a go at Pete Doherty of Babyshambles, drugs and Kate Moss fame. Doherty comes in for a lot of flak from the far-right because he’s into drugs in a big way and looks like shit but mostly because he’s outspoken on the subject of the far-right and is prepared to put his money (and his band) where his mouth is. Because of this, Lee Barnes says;

‘Pete Doherty – Junkie scumbag piece of shit worshipped by scumbag UAF fuckwits and NME wankers.’

Barnes talks of nationalism as if he is simply a nationalist but it’s clear that, like most of his comrades in the BNP, he is far from that. He is a racist, pure and simple. As a racist, his response to the news that the geneticist James Watson had been universally attacked by more or less the entire media for his views that black people are less intelligent than whites was entirely to be expected;

‘The mewling maggot filth of the media that condition and brainwash the masses ensure that the rule of the stupids is ensured. When a man with a mind, a free thinking and visionary mind, dares reveal the stupidity of the stupids then all the stupids come together to destroy him…They are howling and barking and pissing on his footprints…Not one of the media maggots that attacked James Watson, nor the idiotic so called ‘scientists’ they managed to scrape up from the shallow end of the scientific brain pool to attack him, dared confront him in a free and fair public debate…Instead they all just howled when he left the country and continue pissing on his prints in the mud. What a complete bunch of gutless bastards.’

Not quite the language one would expect from the legal representative of a so-called political party, particularly if one considers that if, by some bizarre and terrible fluke, the BNP suddenly became the governing party, he would be either the Lord Chancellor, Attorney General or the Justice Secretary.

But Sharon Ebanks, Pete Doherty and the media pale into insignificance beside Barnes’ hatred for, curiously, the judiciary.

We can all quote numerous cases of judges who appear to have become stuck in the 19th Century or those whose sentences are both ludicrous and insulting to the victims of crime but there is always another stage to go to – the Appeal Court, the High Court, the House of Lords and so on – and our legal system, including the judiciary, is rightly regarded as one of the best in the world – or was until the right to trial by jury was abolished for many types of case. I’m no great advocate for the law but if I was to be tried for a crime anywhere, I would rather be tried here in the UK. Mistakes are made but justice – in a very general sense – is fairly well-served. Though if you listen to Lee Barnes, you may well think again.

Injustice rightly makes us angry. Severe and blatant injustice can leave us seething with anger and, if the government of the day is watching the media, which generally follows the lead given to it by the public, can lead to changes in the law which we hope will eventually benefit all of us, not just those who have directly suffered. But even when dealing with a case of outrageous injustice, the government, in the form of its Ministers and other representatives, speaks of such things in measured tones, keeping emotion firmly to one side as it deals with whatever the problem may be in a dignified and resolute manner. Compare that to Barnes’ views on some of the judiciary;

‘Yet again the dumb fucking Leftist and Liberal judges that infest the legal system like lice on a dying dogs back, have let a piece of shit free…This judge is the same cunt that gave the Wonderland paedophile gang sentences that equated to 15 months in prison…this cunt needs sacking…The fucking judges put Kevin Hughes away for 2 years because he had a scuffle with an asylum seeker that led to the asylum seekers shirt being ripped…This cunt blinds an old man and he walks free – yet we all know the real reason dont we. Yep, hes from an ethnic minority.’

What Barnes deliberately forgets to mention is that the victim was from an ethnic minority too. And the reason that the attacker wasn’t jailed? Because, in the words of the judge;

‘[Jailing him] would do nothing to protect the public in the future and my real concern is the public. It seems to me that the best way of ensuring that he is not a risk, is in relying on various support from psychiatrists and probation officers.’

The attacker, a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic, was sentenced to a three year supervision order which requires him to receive psychiatric treatment. A jail term would serve simply to punish the man: at least this way, he both suffers a form of punishment and receives proper supervision and treatment.

Justice is a very tricky game but it is worst served by those who put emotion before sense, a failing that suits the knee-jerk populist policies of the self-serving BNP.

One wonders about Barnes’ legal training and education. Though they appear to have been enough to make him the BNP’s legal whizkid, they don’t seem to have been of a high enough quality to help him spell ‘apointee’ or ‘farsical’. They do however, allow his inherent racism to show itself on any available occasion.

In an attack on sentences that he deems too lenient, it’s notable that Barnes makes his appeal on emotional grounds in the first instance, using paedophile-sentencing to illustrate his perhaps fair point that sexual crimes against children should almost automatically receive the highest sentence that can be given under the law. The point is lost though by the long list of exclusively illegal immigrants, asylum-seekers and just people with non-English names who are listed for all sorts of crimes simply because they are not white and thus are natural targets for BNP ire. Any selection of criminals, whether it is based on the nature of the crime, the apparent low sentence or even the age of the accused, will show the larger proportion are white – Lee Barnes’ idiosyncratic selection has proven that his legal eye has a definite list away from justice for any kind of ethnic minority, which perhaps explains why he’s not actually a practising solicitor or barrister.

Normally I’d make allowances for someone who regularly sees UFOs (honest), ignoring them in much the same as I would those who regularly communicate with their spirit guide, but in Barnes’ case I’ll make an exception. For a man who is meant to represent the BNP’s views on legal matters, in my opinion he comes across as a racist thug – no different from the shaven-headed loons who used to march with Nick Griffin in the National Front, except that he has hair.


Bring back the Doc – all is forgiven

October 15, 2007

Just prior to the most recent local government elections back in May, Nick Griffin issued a royal decree that those blogs that were not directly approved by the party should cease posting, presumably in case somebody (probablyGreen Arrow) said something particularly stupid that could harm the party’s chances.

This temporary proscription was, of course, never placed on Tommy Williams’ appalling blog because Griffin makes use of it to attack his enemies, as we have seen here and here.

Once the election was over and the stagnation of the BNP had become apparent, Griffin lifted his decree, thus allowing the current free for all where any BNP member with internet access can set up a blog and talk utter rubbish in the name of the party. This has led to an explosion in pro-BNP blogs, most of which are toe-curlingly bad. Far worse though, are the blogs that have been started – some very recently – by those the party regards as the elite, and the most elite of that bunch is, depressingly, the party’s deputy-leader and National Press Officer Simon Darby.

Darby, a well-known twitcher (or birdwatcher, to us mere mortals) has the habit of filling his blog posts with a mixture of drivel about how wonderful the BNP is, which birds are popping their heads up at any given moment, sport, his household chores and, bizarrely, big cat crap.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Yesterday, those of us stupid enough to bother ventured over to his blog page only to be confronted with a post about redwings, rugby, Jean-Marie LePen, some tosh about Gordon Brown and an enormous picture of some ‘possible’ big cat droppings found ‘not more than half an hours drive from [his] doorstep’. You’d think the deputy-leader of what he would like us to believe is the fastest-growing political party ever would have better things to do than show us pictures of cat crap from about thirty miles past his front door.

Strangely, this apparently random meandering through Darby’s brain seems not to have endeared him to the BNP membership. Quite the opposite in fact. We’re informed that several BNP members are pleading with anyone who will listen for the return of the former Press Officer Dr. Phil Edwards (or Stuart Russell, his real name). Even though he was frequently sloshed shortly after opening time and was often extremely rude to those newspapers who he felt had angered or misrepresented him, he did at least blog about the party and its politics occasionally. With him, we got an awful lot of bullshit but, thankfully, no cat crap.


The NNP collapses: Sharon Ebanks announces her retirement from politics

October 14, 2007

One of the contributors to Vanguard, one of the more overtly nazi forums out there, posted the following in the early hours of this morning:

‘Announcement by the New Nationalist Party

The leader of the NNP makes the following statement:

On the 11th December 2006 after much discussion with close friends, we decided to form the ‘New Nationalist Party’. It was ostensibly to be an umbrella for decent British patriots to be able to stand in local elections and in May 2007 we did just that.

Nearly 12 months on we have decided to shut down the party to pursue what we feel has been neglected for far too long, our own lives.The NNP was run openly and democratically and I hope that the NNP members and onlookers were pleased with our approach to financial transparency and honesty.

I’d like to wish Keith Axon well in his retirement and I thank him for standing by me in what turned out to be some pretty grim moments, David Williams who has kept up the site and has always been on hand to help and offer support and to those who stood for the NNP last year, you were brave and I sincerely thank you.

For my own part I am physically and emotionally exhausted and bitterly regret that I ever joined the BNP, I have made mistakes in my life like all people but the British National Party was my biggest. I and many others fearful of the dark forces at work in this country risked life, name and reputation only to have it confirmed by the very party we supported that it was all for nothing.

The BNP does contain some decent people and of those I am proud to call them my friends and to the person I will always refer to as ‘Sir’ I shall always cherish your generosity and kindness, were it not for you the Kingstanding court fees would never have been settled.

The monies left in the NNP bank account will be fairly shared out to those members who donated it. I now consider myself retired and a full time mother and grandmother.

Kind Regards
Sharon Ebanks’

It was claimed that this had been posted on the New Nationalist Party (NNP) website, then swiftly removed. Now however, the notice is back and in a prominent position.

Ebanks, who was for a (short) while, the BNP’s national fundraiser, came to prominence when she seemed to have won a seat for the BNP in Birmingham’s Kingstanding ward. After a High Court ruling, the seat was eventually handed to Labour and that would have been the end of the story but for the BNP’s extraordinary behaviour over the next couple of weeks.

Following the BNP’s advice, Ebanks chose to defend the case, clearly believing that the party would cover her costs in the event of a loss. In fact, the party made an internal appeal for the money, claiming that £5000 was needed The appeal was successful but, for some bizarre reason of its own, the party chose not to hand it over to Ebanks. This produced an outcry on the hugely supportive nazi forum Stormfront and another collection which was eventually used to pay the bill for her but all this came at the cost of her acrimonious sacking from the BNP.

Since then she has been a constant thorn in the BNP’s corporate side, launching a constant series accusations of financial incompetence, corruption and impropriety at the party leadership.

That she has chosen to retire now illustrates, we believe, that she has run out of supportable accusations to make. Though asked numerous times to provide evidence for her claims that the BNP leadership is corrupt, she has chosen to keep her own counsel, leading many to claim that she really has nothing to offer.

No doubt we’ll come back to Ebanks at some point but for the moment we’ll leave you with the report that appeared on the Covert site. Covert is, you’ll recall, run by one Tommy Williams, hardcore racist and known drug-dealer who is widely perceived to be Nick Griffin’s attack dog. If nothing else, he’s certainly close to the modern, ‘we’re-not-racist’ BNP leadership. You might like to bear that in mind while reading the following.

‘Monkey Business: Sharon Ebanks Gives Up The NNP

Sambo is shamed into submission

Half Jamaican mental case Sharon Ebanks has finally sussed out that being half Jamaican and trying to pass herself of as white doesn’t work. After a recent confession in her own words that her father was non-other than negro immigrunt Radwell Ebanks the fat ape realised that even she couldn’t lie her way out of this one thus decided to call it a day as her whole world collapsed around her. There is more news that she was even collaborating with the police as well as with Gerry Gable. Now what will happen to those members and supporters of the NNP? Lets wait and see as more things come to light. Stooooopid coon.’


The Madness of King Nick – the infamous Identity article examined at last

October 10, 2007

Head of Propaganda for Adolf Hitler, Joseph Goebbels, once stated; ‘If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.’ Nick Griffin takes Goebbels dictum to heart in his fascinating article from September’s Identity magazine.

Before we take a belated look at Nick Griffin’s bizarre article in September’s Identity (the BNPs glossy in-house magazine), we have a couple of comments to make. First of all, thank you to the person who sent the magazine to us here at LUAF Towers – we really appreciate getting a chance to see the kind of nonsense the leadership throws at the membership. Second, an apology to the people we know have been waiting to read our take on the article; we’ve been busy but you can stop emailing now, thank you. 🙂

The first thing that strikes the eye about the article is the use of the rat tipping over a drum of toxic waste to illustrate it. This motif is repeatedly used, presumably as a visual reference to the ‘vermin’ within the party and the stories they (and we) spread about in an attempt to show the public and BNP members exactly what is going on inside the BNP itself, thus keeping the membership au fait with what Nick Griffin and co would conceal from them. What worries us most about this article is not that Griffin uses it as a vehicle for his lies but that he clearly believes them himself.

Given the BNP’s propensity for gimmicky stunts like litter-picking (when what the party should actually be doing is reporting litter to relevant local authorities and demanding they should clear it instead) and the party’s stance on graffiti artists (hanging’s too good for ’em), one wonders why Griffin chose to illustrate his article with illustrations stolen and cropped (one assumes without permission) from the most famous graffiti artist in this country, Banksy. The complete image used can be seen here.

The whole point of the piece in Identity, entitled ‘A tidal wave of anti-BNP propaganda’, seems to be to whine about the fact that the BNP is opposed on various levels by several organisations for a number of perfectly valid reasons. Naturally enough, Searchlight comes in for particular criticism (though we don’t, which is irritating but just means we’ll have to step our work up a bit) with a good deal of waffle about a BNP election candidate and activist (who stood for the party as recently as May 2007) who, according to Griffin, turned out to be a ‘paid informer’ for Searchlight. This was allegedly discovered after what Griffin describes as an ‘internal intelligence review’, which appears to have largely consisted of illegally checking through his BNP email account.

Right from the start of this article, Griffin’s paranoia and control-freakery are both evident and disturbing but it is his clear ability to treat his own blatant lies as fact that should most concern any BNP member who is able to view the BNP leader and his party objectively. One of the more startling examples of this is Griffin’s brief mention of the continuing Solidarity fiasco:

‘As in the earlier instance where a Searchlight agent effectively tool over Bradford BNP and then provided ‘cover’ for BBC mole Jason Gwynne and his ‘Secret Agent’ stunt and as appears to have happened in the recent failed coup attempt to derail the nationalist trade union Solidarity…’

Regular readers will know full well that there was no ‘coup attempt’ within Solidarity until the former General Secretary Pat Harrington, long-time friend of Griffins, was suspended for, among other things, accounting irregularities. Following his suspension, the BNP-supported Harrington, with the direct collusion of Nick Griffin, himself engineered a coup, taking Solidarity’s PayPal account, website and money with him. This is fact – we know it and Griffin knows it, yet without a qualm, lies and tells the membership that this is not the case.

There’s no real need to get into a deep discussion about Solidarity in this article except to offer Griffin’s comment as an indication of his determination not to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

One little fantasy which seems to be engrossing Griffin is the one that suggests his party is riddled with hugely influential ‘Searchlight moles’ who seem capable of persuading anyone they fancy to slip into a pair of jackboots and start seig-heiling all over the place at the drop of a hat. According to him, Searchlight (the anti-fascist magazine) does everything it can to turn ‘modern democratic nationalists into old-fashioned Nazis’ and if he’s surprised at all, it is only that his entire party isn’t seig-heiling its way down Whitehall as he types. Pure paranoia of course. He does however, accept that not everyone within the party who is advocating a harder political line is a Searchlight agent, though those that aren’t there thanks to Searchlight, he firmly labels ‘cranks and losers’.

Regular readers will know that we are fed information from various sources both inside and outside the British National Party that helps us to disseminate the truth to everyone who cares to read it. Many of our correspondents not only send us information but also documentary evidence for their statements. The only reason we don’t print such evidence is that it could lead directly back to the person who supplied it to us. As we’ve stated on a number of occasions, we never print anything accusatory unless we have corroboration from two or three sources, including at least one that we know and trust. These rules have worked extremely well over the past couple of years and have enabled us to produce some excellent reports on the shenanigans within the BNP – particularly when it comes to the financial chicanery that we long ago came to expect from Nick Griffin and the rest of the crooks at the top of the party.

This has obviously been noted by Griffin, who has reserved a special bit of venom for ‘several mutually supporting Lie Factories’, which we can assume refers to Searchlight and we happy souls at Lancaster UAF, Voice of Reason and Kirklees Unity. He writes:

‘In large part there is no point even trying to refute them…’

Well, no. Because we tell the truth. Any refutation would only have the knock-on effect of exposing more lies and cover-ups.

Griffin’s delusions extend to embrace the performance of his own party. At one point he suggests that the BNP’s ‘relentless advance’ is coincident with the collapse of the far-left. Assuming his phrase ‘far-left’ to mean anyone who opposes the BNP, there is obviously no collapse. Nor is the BNP seeing any kind of relentless advance – unless complete stagnation for the past year counts.

At this point – madness firmly set in overdrive – he segues into one of the most bizarre diversions we’ve ever set eyes on, claiming that Nick Lowles of Searchlight and Peter Rushton of the ‘nationalist’ magazine Heritage and Destiny are one and the same person. Rushton, who reminds everyone who sees him for the first time of an aging Mr Bean, is not Nick Lowles and Nick Griffin knows perfectly well he isn’t. So why tell such an obvious lie?

Griffin is anxious at the moment to promote the appalling Arthur Kemp, the author of the truly dreadful ‘March of the Titans’ and a former member of the South African Intelligence Services. Out of nowhere, Kemp, a hardcore racist and white supremacist, seems to have become the representative of the Ideological Training Department of the BNP – so much so that it will soon be impossible to attend a BNP conference or indeed to be an ‘Voting Member’ with limited voting rights unless one has received ideological training from Kemp, a man who, it is rumoured, is not even a member of the party himself.

Rushton is overtly more hardcore far-right than Griffin and appears to be getting something of a following consisting largely of those on the right who are sick of Griffin’s increasingly futile attempts to break into mainstream politics by shoving his nazi past to one side and firmly concealing it from the gaze of a disapproving public. Griffin’s hatred of anyone who shows up the BNP as any more than very slightly to the right of Genghis Khan is legendary and Rushton constantly badgering about the BNP’s loss of its ideological way hasn’t exactly endeared him to the Führer at Welshpool.

Quite why he picked on Nick Lowles to be Rushton’s alter ego, only Griffin himself knows – but he also knows that it’s a lie that many in the membership are unlikely to concern themselves with. His ridiculous claim that Rushton is another Searchlight ‘agent’ might well be believed by those who wish to remain loyal to the current incarnation of the BNP and newer members who have been taken in by the Griffinites, while those who consider the claim to be so stupid it’s beneath contempt are those who are simply more likely to fall away from the party. These tend to be the longer-term nationalists – members who have been around for a few years and who are starting to take a closer look at Griffin, the constant accusations of misuse of party funds and the lies he spins, and who are beginning to ask the questions that they should have been asking for the past five years. These are the people who in any case, Griffin is desperate to get rid of.

The recent leadership challenge has allowed Nick Griffin to identify many of the dissentors in the ranks. Despite the fact that ballots are meant to be secret, Griffin seems to have all the supporters of Chris Jackson on a list and ready to throw out at a moment’s notice and on the slightest pretext. We’ve already reported on the purging of a number of these people and have no doubt that we’ll be reporting on a few more over the next few months. Griffin’s fake identification of Peter Rushton as Nick Lowles will help him to falsely identify further dissentors who are sympathetic to Rushton as faux Searchlight ‘agents’. This may also serve to undermine Rushton’s credibility with the newer members of the party and will enable Kemp to revenge himself for the abiding antipathy that Rushton and he have been nurturing for the past fifteen years or so. The claim that Rushon and Lowles are the same person is certainly fraudulent but if it serves to cause problems for he and his comrade’s enemies, Griffin will tell any lie that has the appropriate result.

Nick Griffin is playing a long game but he’s playing it with people who have been around the far-right for a very long time and the feeling we have (which we share with a lot of our correspondents) is that he’s riding for a fall by playing any game at all based on such an easily disprovable premise.

Griffin’s lies will always show up more readily when he is referring to money – particularly when he is on the defensive, which he clearly is in this article. He picks on two examples to use as illustrations of the lengths we will go to in our attempts to destabilise him and the BNP.

The first example is that of the peculiar BNP accounts. Rather than explain satisfactorily why the accounts for last year are so shockingly late at great financial cost to the party, he chooses to dwell on the accusation that he and his colleagues in the leadership of the party are living in luxury thanks to misappropriation of party funds. Curiously, he chooses not to state clearly what happens to the enormous amount of money that is filtered into the party via the Trafalgar Club, stays well away from the question of how much money comes to the party from the States via the BNP-front Civil Liberty and doesn’t venture into the cost/benefit ratio of establishing Great White Records, a financial disaster that anyone (except apparently the BNP) could see coming from a mile off.

Griffin then claims that the ‘newest’ story is the one that revolves around Croatia. Not so. The Croatia story is known to so many people in the party now that it’s hardly worth reporting on except when someone sends us a new snippet of information that we can use. Griffin gives us nothing except the usual lies to be getting on with. He claims to have been approached by a supporter who had inherited a chunk of land in Croatia – not true. He makes it sound like a throwaway idea that was of no consequence – not true. And he claims to have approached the MEPs of the BNP’s European ‘sister parties’ for help on the mystery inheritor’s behalf. Again, not true. The BNP did approach the MEPs and were promptly and unceremoniously rebuffed. If all the claims of financial shenanigans in the BNP are truly false and can be proven to be false, why has Griffin never even so much as threatened to take Searchlight (or indeed us) to court for libel?

This whole article, four solid pages of Identity, is packed with lies that even the most gullible of BNP members could surely see through or at least expose with a minimal amount of research. Griffin refers to former Stoke BNP councillor Mark Leat, who you may remember stood down as a councillor for the BNP and moved across the chamber to become a ‘non-aligned Independent’ back in May (just a week after the local government elections). Three days after his move, the BNP group announced that it had withdrawn the whip (thrown him out) stating that he didn’t work hard enough. Griffin now claims that he was got rid of because he was plotting to stand as an Independent against BNP ‘loyalist’ Mike Coleman and that he made all kinds of demands of the BNP group before the election. Not only that, but Griffin claims he is also working with a ‘Searchlight-run phoney nationalist party to split the BNP vote in Stoke’.

In an interview with Simon Darby just a couple of days ago, Griffin stated that the best thing to do about the sites like ours that print the truth about the BNP and himself is not to look at them. He repeats that advice in this article, saying ‘…all you need to do is ignore it. If you hear someone doing Searchlight’s dirty work, pull them up over it. And if they won’t stop, don’t have any misplaced sympathy for them when we boot them out’. Curiously, his next sentence is ‘This is not about stopping free speech’. Oh yeah?

‘Lively, even ferocious, internal debate about policies, tactics and how to make the party ever more accountable to its activist hardcore are both needed and welcome. But such debates must be conducted through the proper channels, and the overwhelming majority of our officials and key activists have already decreed are Voting Member’s discussion groups, meetings and conference motions.’

Not much room there for the ordinary membership to be able to discuss anything at all. Referring back to the leadership challenge and those who voted against him, Griffin goes on;

‘Over the rest of this year, the members of this Negative Tendency will systematically be quietly approached and given one last chance to accept common sense and exercise self-restraint – or go.’

So much for secret ballots and so much for the future of the 337 members who voted against Griffin, and possibly the 4904 who chose not to vote at all. Griffin’s almost insane hatred of those who dared to vote against him has been demonstrated numerous times by his liberal use of the words ‘vermin’, ‘cranks’, ‘losers’, ‘Hollywood Nazis’ and ‘negative fools’, but he has another phrase for them.

‘When the rubbish has been binned we’ll be a happier party, more united and more effective than ever.’

It’ll also be a party that’s nearly 10% smaller than it is at present. Or possibly a good deal more. Griffin reserves his most vicious attack though for the end of the article.

‘We are cutting out the last of the poison-mongers. It doesn’t matter if they are councillors or donors or minor party heroes or otherwise good activists – none of these pluses outweighs the damage done by individuals who spread lies. Whether plants, dupes or negative losers, they will be tolerated no longer…’

Do you reckon his screen was covered in spit after he wrote that?

The fact is that the whole article is an attempt to paint everyone who opposes Griffin with a similar brush – they are all Searchlight agents, liars, fruitcakes, losers and/or jackboot-fetishists. It’s pretty clear though that what they all share is that they oppose Nick Griffin himself either, like the hardcore right-wing, because they consider he’s gone soft, or because they believe he’s feathering his own nest at the constant expense of the membership or possibly simply because he’s patently losing it and striking out at random to destroy his mostly imaginary enemies. It looks like the BNP’s Night of the Long Knives is set to be a good deal longer yet.


The BNP on a roll: two more down and another two yet to be confirmed

October 3, 2007

A few weeks back, a comment was made to one of our posts to the effect that Nick Cass had been sacked as Party Manager and Ian Dawson, the BNP’s former Head of Group Support Officer and well-known photographer for Redwatch, had resigned.

Since then, it has been confirmed that party management has been handed over to a three-person team – Tony Brewer, Martin Clutterbuck and Michaela MacKenzie – though the party has stayed remarkably tight-lipped about Cass and has avoided mentioning Dawson at all. The apparent reason the BNP has said nothing openly about the resignation of Ian Dawson might well have something to do with his resignation letter which we’re assured is a real shocker, ripping into the much-despised Mark Collett and Great White Record’s disastrous director, Dave Hannam, both of whom he accuses of undermining morale, incompetence and just about everything else.

Since the comment was made, very little has leaked out from the party (unusually) except for the unconfirmed news that Chris Beverley had ‘resigned from the BNP’s Advisory Council and been thrown out of his job heading up the money-spinning Excalibur (which sells overpriced tat to gullible BNP members), to be replaced by Nick Griffin’s new blue-eyed boy Arthur Kemp, who you can read about here.

Now we hear that Sadie Graham has also resigned (before she was sacked) as the party’s Director of Group Development, a post formerly held by the violent bomber Tony Lecomber, who apparently is still hanging around in the BNP doing odd jobs for Nick Griffin, despite having been sacked back in January 2006 and proscribed in April of this year.

The chaos within the BNP seems, at the moment, to be profound. While sackings and resignations seem to be occurring with startling regularity and Griffin seems to be surrounding himself with an informal coterie of close advisors (former South African police spy Arthur Kemp, the BNP’s very own terrorist Tony Lecomber, the BNP’s universally-derided and rubbishy legal ‘expert’ Lee Barnes, the new Press Officer Simon Darby and the General Secretary of the BNP-hijacked fake-union Solidarity, Patrick Harrington) members are being expected to just shut up and do the bidding of the party, most of which seems to be handing over vast amounts of money for various lost causes – the current biggie being the staggering £200,000 the party seems to want to throw away on the pointless attempt to replace Ken Livingstone with pornmeister Dicky Barnbrook as London’s Mayor.

You’ll note that out of the little gang of five that Griffin keeps close, the only actual party member appears to be Simon Darby unless Kemp has joined up in the past few weeks. One wonders what the membership feels about that.

In the last month or two we’ve seen some pretty high-profile sackings/resignations from the party – Andrew Spence, Jonathan Bowden, former Deputy Chairman of the party Scott McLean and former Press Officer Phil Edwards. Now, if the rumours are all true – and we suspect they are – another four have bitten the dust virtually unnoticed by the membership. Chaos seems to be reigning supreme in the BNP, particularly since the recent leadership challenge which seems to have been designed solely to weed out the dissenters from the ranks. Unfortunately (though not for us) an awful lot of the BNP’s more valuable officers and members seem to be getting caught up in the action and are getting the heave-ho along with the ‘vermin’ that Griffin swore to get rid of.

Party members who take the time to watch the soap opera that the BNP has become must be cringing as every new disaster emerges and wondering why the hell they wasted thirty quid on joining a party that seems determined to implode despite the help offered to it by idiots like Labour’s Margaret Hodge and the Conservative’s Sayeeda Warsi.

Did we say soap opera? We meant to say farce.


Solidarity: an update. Theft is theft, even when it’s intellectual property theft.

October 1, 2007

The appalling story of the BNP’s disastrous move into the trades union movement continues with the September bulletin from the original union started by the BNP (which we shall refer to as Solidarity 1) having a go at ‘untrustworthy’ Nick Griffin and the union’s Certification Officer.

In response to a question referring to the extremely confusing double-union situation that asks what the future holds for Solidarity, Vice-President Tim Hawkes responds thus:

‘Which one? As far as the EC [Executive Committee] of Solidarity is concerned, the idea of a union run and controlled by the BNP leadership (and Third Way sidekicks) is a joke. The Union must be focused on worker issues not political point scoring. It is clear that the support structure of Solidarity with regards to promotion and recruitment has been seriously harmed and our association with Nick Griffin – who publicly and privately declared to me that he view (sic) Solidarity as ‘independent’ – who I now consider to be highly untrustworthy, has harmed us considerably. Well, with regards to the BNP-Solidarity version, we understand that it is fundamentally just a political union and by its actions have rejected any true sense of independence and therefore it is unlikely to go anywhere other than as a smoke screen in loosely supporting working class concerns. However, I for one would not be prepared to willingly betray the British workers by allowing the BNP leadership to dictate the actions of Solidarity. It is one of the prime reasons that I have continued my work with the Union. The future of Solidarity is in question, and in truth I would personally consider a dead union to be better than a corrupt thieving union, after all there are plenty of TUC unions who fill that role. My greatest concern is that BNP-Solidarity will succeed due to the Certification Office unwillingness to do their job, and the EC’s lack of legal resources means that genuine non-political people will join up with the BNP version, not knowing that it simply funds a lifestyle for individuals of questionable moral integrity who have no concerns for the workers of this country and frequently don’t even work themselves. At this stage we should just wait to see if the Certification Office do anything, and apply pressure where we can.’

Hawke is being disingenuous. Solidarity 1 was started by and for the BNP and was, from its birth, run and controlled by the BNP leadership and its Third Way sidekicks. Though the party and the detestable Patrick Harrington (former General Secretary of Solidarity 1, currently General Secretary of Solidarity 2 and long-time pal of BNP leader Nick Griffin) attempted to deny the BNP front-group status of Solidarity (and continually edit Wikipedia entries to that effect) the actions taken by the party immediately following the suspension of Harrington from Solidarity 1 made it perfectly obvious that Griffin always intended to control the union completely and wasn’t about to let that control pass into the hands of others who may not have his best interests at heart.

Hawke’s ludicrous statement that ‘we understand that [Solidarity 2] is fundamentally just a political union’ displays either a convenient disregard of Solidarity’s entire very short history or a truly incredible naivety that makes one wonder whether he should just give up politics now before he does himself a mischief, though he almost redeems himself with his criticism of the Certification Office, which seems to have ignored the turmoil completely, and his comment ‘that genuine non-political people will join up with the BNP version, not knowing that it simply funds a lifestyle for individuals of questionable moral integrity’, presumably a reference to Harrington and/or Griffin.

Solidarity 1 has, let’s face it, had it. It’s time for Hawke and co to bite the bullet and accept that Griffin and Harrington have, despite acting in a manner that almost everyone with a conscience would consider both immoral and illegal (the theft of the union funds, the website and the account details immediately following Harrington’s suspension), outflanked the original union leadership and appear to be getting away with it. If it’s any consolation, our estimate is that the union will collapse within a year or two anyway, through lack of interest. Nobody would want to be a part of an unrecognised union with no negotiating power and in any case, once Nick Griffin sees that it isn’t a money-spinner, he’ll lose interest and stop supporting it.

Hawke is right about one thing though and that is that the Certification Office should have jumped on this right from the start. Both versions of Solidarity should have been suspended until a proper investigation (including a police investigation) had taken place.

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One interesting though relatively trivial spin-off from all this is that Solidarity 2 has applied to have its logo registered as a trade mark, with all the intellectual property rights that this would give them. However, as many of our correspondents have pointed out, the design of the Solidarity logo (and indeed, the name itself) is a blatant rip-off of the logo of the real Solidarity union which itself owns the copyright on the original image. Objections to the fake union stealing the logo and name of the original and far more worthy Solidarity can be made via email to the Intellectual Property Office here: law.section@ipo.gov.uk


Time to step up the campaign against the BNP conference in Blackpool

September 28, 2007

For years the British National Party has tried to convince the public that it has changed, that it is no longer racist, that it is a legitimate political party that simply wishes to take part in the democratic process – only to be shown up time and time again as a thoroughly racist group that has absolutely no interest in democracy except where it furthers the BNP’s own agenda.

One of the innovations its leader Nick Griffin has brought in to try to convince the electorate that racism in the party is all in the past is to allow a clearly limited number of idiotic non-whites and Jews to join – much to the annoyance of the more hardline members – but that this is all a smokescreen becomes apparent when we read the comments of Griffin’s supporters like Graham Williamson, former treasurer of the National Front and old chum of Nick Griffin and boss of the one-man PR company Accentuate, which now seems to be working for the BNP-front Solidarity, who suggested a stunt to deflect any accusations that the fake union was racist:

‘The first ‘stunt’ should be a Press Conference launching the Union in Essex unveiling our first Sikh member Pramjit Sadra. This of course helps to counter the racist…accusations.’

That the racism and thuggery of the BNP is now largely covert rather than overt is demonstrated again and again as BNP members and allies, ignoring their leader’s pleas to hide their hatred from the public, allow themselves to display their true hatreds either by attacking Iraqi asylum-seekers (Kevin Hughes, who earned himself two and a half years inside) or appearing and lauding Nazi Germany in programmes like the Channel Four documentary Young, Nazi and Proud (Mark Collett who, just a week later, was again sharing a platform with Nick Griffin).

Racism aside (though there is a mountain of evidence that proves the racism of the BNP beyond any shadow of doubt) there is continual thuggery and violence in the party. In just the past few weeks, we’ve seen David Enderby, the BNP councillor from Redditch, lose an appeal against his conviction for attacking his former wife, her mother and a fourteen-year-old girl at a party. Enderby, who claims he’s ex-SAS, is not only still in the BNP but the party’s recently-appointed Press Officer Simon Darby has made his views clear about the conviction:

‘…the latest attempt to poison the electorate against the BNP involves our Redditch councillor David Enderby. Just a couple of weeks ago I attended David’s appeal hearing concerning his ridiculous conviction for assault at Worcester Crown Court.’

The party welcomed the violent thug Kevin Hughes back too.

Another fine example of type of person the BNP wants in its ranks is former candidate Dominic Bugler, who was recently given an ASBO after subjecting his neighbours to 18 months of abuse at his family’s hands.

BNP Parliamentary candidate for Hull Brian Wainwright was guilty of a campaign of hate mail against the local mosque, a Muslim councillor and a local anti-fascist activist. A letter in which he claimed, ‘Muslim blood will be spilt’ included ‘SS’ and skull and cross bones imagery. Another letter was sent to a local anti-fascist activist threatening that Combat 18 (the Nazi terrorist organisation who take there name from Hitler’s initials) would visit.

Swindon BNP activist Mark Bulman (who has used the pseudonym Bullock) was sentenced to five years after attempting to firebomb a local mosque using a BNP leaflet as a fuse. He also daubed swastikas and racist graffiti on local shops and businesses that he believed to be ‘ethnic’.

In June 2006 BNP councillor Brian Turner was found guilty of a racially aggravated public order offence. He escaped a jail sentence and was instead ordered to carry out 300 hours of unpaid work in the community. Turner has previous convictions of common assault and police assault after he was convicted of beating up his wife Melanie Turner.Again, just a few of many, many examples.

Part of the process of pretending to be a legitimate political party is for the BNP to act as though it is one and this, in the past couple of years, has including establishing an ‘annual’ conference. Anyone who has ever been to an annual conference of one of the real political parties or a trades union will know that they are generally an example of democracy in action. Leadership battles are fought, rules are made or amended and proposals are made, seconded, discussed and voted upon by the delegates who are there representing the wishes of their branch of the party/union. Not so with the BNP. After the last leadership challenge, Griffin wrote this:

‘It was a pathetic, pitiful, desperate attempt to cause trouble for the most modernised and most successful nationalist party in British history by a handful of cranks left over from the BNP’s most sterile past, aided and abetted by a gaggle of Hollywood Nazis, congenital losers and thieves.’

Griffin then went on to describe the challenger’s supporters as ‘vermin’ and has spent a good deal of time since the challenge vigorously purging them from the party.

The BNP drones on about ‘democracy’ on every available occasion yet never, in a million years, will Nick Griffin allow a democracy in the BNP. One of his recent blog posts had this to say on the issue of those party members who have unsuccessfully attempted to push through a truly-democratic ‘one man, one vote’ system:

‘This group must now accept that their scheme to put the destiny of the BNP in the hands of anyone who deigns to pay their membership has been comprehensively and permanently rejected, in favour of a system that gives power only to those who have earned it, and who continue to earn it. The argument is over, and anyone trying to raise it again against the repeatedly expressed will of the vast majority of the party will mark themselves out as a would-be saboteur and a candidate for expulsion.’

The BNP always has difficulty finding a venue for any event – even a pub in which to hold a small meeting. To find somewhere that was big enough to pass off as a venue for anything as large as a ‘conference’ must have been a real problem for them. However, according to one of our correspondents writing in the comments section of a recent post, the BNP’s former Blackpool organiser Roy Goodwin is friends with the owners of the New Kimberley Hotel, a run-down dive on New South Promenade, a pretty hefty walk from Blackpool Tower. This hotel, managed by Peter and Susie Metcalfe, was not only happy to host the conference for the BNP last year but was also happy to ignore the anger of the neighboring hotel owners, local trades unions, the local newspaper and many local people at bringing such notoriety to the area.

Far from considering such a community relations disaster something that should be avoided this year, the New Kimberley is once again allowing the BNP to infest its premises to the detriment of the immediate area and of course Blackpool itself.

The local TUC, Blackpool and Fylde College Student’s Union, the newspapers, the NUS, the local MPs and numerous local councillors have all condemned the hotel for hosting the conference and the BNP for having the audacity to believe that Blackpool would welcome its presence but all to no avail.

That the BNP ignores local opinion is no great surprise. After all, it has no real interest in people or their opinions. The New Kimberley however, is an entirely different matter.

Blackpool has, of late, lost some of the edge it had over its competition as a holiday and nightlife resort. With super-cheap flights available, stag and hen parties (long a staple of the Blackpool scene) are increasingly choosing to jet off to Malaga or somesuch place instead. The astonishing decision not to use Blackpool as the site for a so-called ‘super casino’ has also hit the town hard, leaving depression and anger in its wake. If nothing else, the super casino would have generated a massive business boom for the area. Blackpool hoteliers and tradespeople are working hard to get Blackpool back to the hugely-successful resort it was until a very short time ago and the very last thing the townspeople want is for it to be tarnished by association with the racists and thugs in the British National Party.

One would have expected the party and the BNP-supporting New Kimberley to have realised that the BNP wasn’t wanted in Blackpool when all its seven candidates were rejected by the electorate at last May’s local government elections – but racists have never been noted for their intelligence.

It’s up to us then to drum some sense into the hoteliers who want to pollute Blackpool with this filth. It’s up to us to let the New Kimberley know that the BNP is not wanted in Blackpool and that the hotel is wrong both to invite them to the town and to expect us to sit back complacently and let them get on with it.

Almost all of the senior members of the BNP have strong connections with more overtly racist or nazi groups. Nick Griffin himself is former National Front and has lost none of his hatreds over the years, even if they have been tempered in public thanks to the law.

We’ve seen the effects that the BNP has when it moves into any town – racist attacks increase, racist stickers appear and other racist groups move in to take any scraps that are left and stir up more hatred wherever they can. The British People’s Party, a virulently Nazi group that also pretends to be a political party, has been plastering highly offensive stickers all over Blackpool recently and the National Front stickered the town pretty comprehensively just after the last BNP ‘conference’.

This is what the New Kimberley has invited to Blackpool and this is why we all need to make the effort to let the New Kimberley know precisely how we feel about this. It’s no good telling the hotel owners that the BNP is a racist party – they already know that after inviting them last year and if what our correspondent said its true and they are indeed friends of the former Blackpool BNP organiser Roy Goodwin, they will know precisely what the party is all about and they will approve of its disgusting views.

One of our friends called the hotel and was informed that a) the BNP conference had been cancelled, and b) that the owner of the hotel was a Mohammed Abdul – presumably the New Kimberley’s idea of a joke because neither of these statements is true. We’re working on finding out who the owner is (and we will) but we need to you ring the hotel and attempt to speak to the managers (Peter and Susie Metcalfe) to put them right on why they should not be holding the conference there at all and we need this done as soon as possible (particularly over the weekend though that’s not essential).

If you’ve rung before, ring again. You can’t email them because they don’t appear to have moved into the 20th century yet, let alone the 21st.

We will have the demonstration outside the hotel on November 17th at midday and it will be a large demonstration that will show those inside the hotel that plenty of us are prepared to take a stand against the BNP wherever it sticks its ugly shaven head. In the meantime, the hotel needs to know that its invitation to the BNP is intolerable and that under no circumstances will we allow the conference to go ahead without continual and loud protest.

We’re working on checking out suppliers to the New Kimberley, the coach companies who bring many of its guests and the trade organisations who work with the hotel and once we have the information we are seeking, we’ll pass that along to you. In the meantime, let’s get calling and making our voices heard.

The New Kimberley, 585-589 New South Promenade, Blackpool FY4 1NQ, is run by Peter and Susie Metcalfe and can be reached at 01253 341184.

Curiously, the New Kimberley Hotel is registered at Companies House as the address for a company called Goldprime Properties UK Ltd (Company No. 05357988) whose accounts (in a neatly ironic twist) similarly to the BNP’s own, are long overdue, its last return having been required but not forthcoming on 9.3.2006. There is a proposal lodged with Companies House to strike Goldprime from the register of trading companies.

Perhaps the BNP chose the New Kimberley because the hotel’s financial position so closely mirrored that of its own, both being apparently close to going under. Or perhaps it’s simply the moral bankruptcy that the party and the hotel share that the BNP finds so appealing. Either way, the parallels are beginning to seem uncanny.

It’s not surprising that the New Kimberley isn’t doing too well. We’ve been checking through the reviews from guests who have stayed there. One, a person calling himself Jacks2607, wrote this back in June 2006:

‘The new Kimberly hotel Blackpool, its an utter disgrace, the food was absolutely disgusting, the manager was a complete waste of time. Our rooms had holes in the walls and during our stay the rooms were NEVER hoovered, it was damn right filthy. The portable appliance tests were over a year out of date and some even 2 years!. Everyone else on the holiday with us agreed. I reccommend this hotel to NO ONE. We would have been better off in a shanty town.’

A tatty third-rate hotel hosting a fake conference for a tatty third-rate party.

It’s time to start pushing this protest forward and to let the New Kimberley know that it is doing the people of Blackpool and the region around it an immense disservice by allowing this bunch of thugs, thieves, racists and trainee-terrorists to infest it.